Sciences Po / Keio

Keio dual degree program

Generally speaking, Sciences Po is considered as an international university. Due to its numerous partners in so different countries, it can’t be denied that the school plays a great role on the educational world-wide scene. Therefore, as it is mentioned in their website, some relationships with a few specific universities have permitted the creation of prestigious and demanding dual degrees. The one we are going to deal with is the double program between Sciences Po Paris and the University of Keio, Tokyo. Composed of 4 years, in other words 2 years in Le Havre campus of Sciences Po and 1 year and half in Mita campus, in the heart of Tokyo, the cursus offers a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the Japanese culture!

 What are the main focuses of the program ?

The first part of the campus is divided in itself in two different periods. During the first year, the student shall study in the same classes as any other members of the campus, without specific requirements. However, the study of Japanese language, regardless your previous level, is compulsory. It constitutes the only condition needed to be fulfilled.

For the second year therefore, a few requirements need to be respected. Firstly, the student needs to take Econ major, in other words, speciality. His framework will be concentrated on economic issues and subjects, such as history of economic thought, microeconomics, macroeconomics … Furthermore, at least one elective class (or optional class) has to be taken throughout a variety of courses : business strategy, econometrics …

When the two first years get validated, the first part of the program is done. The student is registered into Keio University and should go to Japan to start the second period of the curses.

Then, during one year and half, the essential courses will focus on economics, despite the possibility to take some other electives.

The program can be fully validated in English, that’s why it is an exceptional opportunity. You have access to a franco-japanese program, without any obligation to be fluent at Japanese. Therefore, it also explains why the pre requisities and the demands to access the cursus are really high.

At the end, the student gets two different diplomas : the Bachelor of Sciences Po and the Bachelor of Economics of Keio.

How to integrate it ?

The procedure looks to be constantly evolving. For this year, the expectations seem to be higher. The dual degree with Keio is becoming a choice in itself, as it can be the first choice of the student. A test of language proficiency in English is needed, where the requirements are stated on Sciences Po Admissions Website.

Therefore, the notification of admission comes late in so far as a special committee needs to be reunited to decide whether the admission or not. The exact expectations, like generally Sciences Po, are though unclear.

So do you have any advice or recommendations ?

First of all, the motivation is essential. It seems obvious but it is more true for that special program. It is prestigious, so the competition may be important. You have to prove that you are the one who fits the most with the ideals and values of that dual degree. Thus, an interest in Asia, and especially Japan, is obviously highly recommended. However, don’t forget the content of the class : a student which hates econs should not apply to the program.

Secondly, be informed of the actuality in Asia, and especially in Japan. You are going to spend two years in the country, meaning that it is one year more than any other « normal » students of Sciences Po. The total absence of knowledge about where you are going cannot be accepted.

Lastly, as the other oral of sciences po, the more you know the better it is. Some readings about Japan or Asia or anything else will not kill you, but on the contrary, might save your admission.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Aide et Conseils, some students already in the dual degree would be pleased to give you more informations and tips !


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